Friday, October 31, 2008

Tom Cruise Valkyrie Movie New Trailer

Valkyrie is an upcoming World War II movie staring Tom Cruise that should be released just after Christmas. It revolves around a failed attempt by Colonel Von Stauffenberg to overthrow Hitler.

Here below the latest Valkyrie trailer:

In the world's darkest hour,
while others followed orders
they followed their conscience!

Based on a true story

This December

When you risk everything,
When you cross the line,
There is not turning back!

Tom Cruise


This new Valkyrie trailer really blow us way! It is damned well-cut, much more appealing than the previous trailers.


Anonymous said...

Best trailer of the three! Can't wait for Dec. 26!!

James Campbell said...

How come he doesn't have a german accent? He has an American accent in the preview. He is supposed to be German. Ridiculously stupid.