Thursday, November 8, 2007

Valkyrie Official Trailer

The trailer of Bryan Singer’s Valkyrie has been released.
Here it is:

"I swear by God this Sacred Oath:
That I shall render unconditional obedience
to Adolf Hitler, the Führer of the German Reich."

Well some promises are really not worth keeping...

Stauffenberg (Tom Cruise) realized the nonsense of this oath and finally decided to join the German Resistance.

Update: the movie will be released in February 2008
Actually the movie has been rescheduled for December 26, 2008.


Anonymous said...

Just got of the set for this movie. I was an extra playing an officer in the Afrika Korp(DAK). It was stunning to watch them make it. This should be a fantastic movie. The effects are incredible. Fun,fun,fun!!

Anonymous said...

I think this movie looks really cool! I'm hoping for a PG-13 rating...
Stauffenberg, from the little I read sounded like a neat guy. I don't know what to think of Tom Cruise, (I haven't seen him in anything, and have heard a lot about his strange beliefs...) But he looks good in this...